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Connecting the perfect high converting offer to highly qualified traffic.

Wouldn’t it be great to find the perfect affiliate marketing program to launch your Internet business?

Whether you’re using ClickBank affiliate marketing or any other network, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to learn the Internet Marketing ropes. You don’t need any technical skills and you just need to know how to research market needs, find a product to fill those needs and drive or draw traffic to the product that fills that need.

It sounds oh so simple, doesn’t it? Yet, it can actually be tricky work and the chances are you quite probably already know this because you’ve yet to breakthrough with any real level of “quit your job” success and it’s frustrating, right?

Why You’re Kept In The Dark With Affiliate Marketing

Well, worry not my friend, it’s not your fault and it’s nothing you’re doing wrong! So many product owners are hiding behind unmeaningful statistics like ‘gravity’ in ClickBank.

Sure gravity tells an affiliate marketer if a product is selling or not, but it doesn’t indicate how well a product converted. Frankly I’m sick of hearing about some of these Internet Marketers that claim they have really high converting products of 15% and yet most of them won’t share with you how well they actually convert. Doesn’t that make you even slightly suspicious?

In fact, I think ClickBank should have conversion rates published as one of their standard metrics. Instead, what do they have? Gravity! It tells you how many unique affiliates have made a sale within an eight week period but doesn’t really tell you how much traffic the sales pages actually receives to sell that amount. Furthermore, it would be interesting to see how that traffic was driven to the sales page. Was it from email lists, social media, banner ads or PPC? After all, you’re aware that all traffic is not equal, aren’t you?

How the hell does anyone stand a chance of calculating whether investing in paid advertising is likely to return a positive return on investment? Some traffic going to the sales page is going to be a lot warmer than other traffic because they come from joint venture partners where the product owner’s list partners already have a relationship with that traffic and they have already done some pre selling, therefore by the time joint venture traffic arrives at the sales page it will be a lot more qualified than some traffic arriving from other sources on the web.

Furthermore, most forums and article sites make it awkward (at best) to post affiliate links. Sure, it’s possible but it certainly isn’t the free lunch that most product owners on ClickBank would have you believe.

To make things even more interesting for you, you need to calculate what the possible return on investment is going to be, especially when you’re choosing to buy traffic.

Google AdWords, banner advertising and solo ads can soon drain your wallet bone dry leaving you in a very sticky situation – quite possibly in the proverbial shit!

You’d think that Google would be holding seminars telling people how they can get the best out of their advertising campaigns but that is the domain of the Internet Marketing trainer cleaning up because the guys at Google don’t want to bother teaching everyone how to properly use AdWords. In fact, wouldn’t Google want big companies with big budgets being a bit ignorant of the real techniques? Well, most big fortune 500 to FTSE 100 companies are certainly ignorant of AdWords and SEO and other important elements of Internet Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing In The Internet Marketing Niche

In the Internet Marketing niche, Internet Marketers have seen affiliate marketing many times before and they’re wise to many of the tricks that are out there such as black hat linking, affiliate link cloaking, affiliate link theft, affiliate redirects, direct linking and other forms of underground and often black hat tactics.

It’s time to get smart my friends… the rules of affiliate marketing have changed for good. Yesterday’s rules are today’s trash! We have plenty of affiliate marketing tips designed to help you increase your traffic to your offers and make you more sales to fund that better lifestyle for you.

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