Magnifying your online presence to deliver your powerful content… and make money as a happy consequence.

If you’re still wondering how you can send out your message out to the world and make money out of it in the process, then you’ll be interested in the modern day phenomena called blogging. Sounds like a dream scenario right?

A web log which is more commonly known as a ‘blog’ is a means for an Internet Marketer to communicate their value which usually comes in the form of products and services to their market.

So why should you be building your own blog?

A blog is simply your platform for sharing your content with your prospects and customers. This gives you control of traffic, content distribution, branding and storage.

If you’ve been affiliate marketing in the traditional way, you may have driven traffic to other people’s opt in pages or sales pages without actually owning any of the traffic and equity within that traffic. A blog gives you the opportunity to make money from home, own the traffic and convert that traffic with whatever desired action you wish for your blog reader to take. Of course, this action needs to be valuable action in the eyes of your prospect rather than in your own eyes. This is where there is often a disconnect in marketing with blogs.

Branding with blogs is also extremely popular as you can differentiate yourself from the competition easily with blogs due to the many different representations of hosting content.

Your Blog Is A Branded Content Warehouse

Think of your blog as a warm environment where your customers are welcomed to come in and receive value. If you’ve been wondering how you can share your content and show your customers the value they can receive by doing business with you, then look no further than blogging as your answer. Your customers need a platform which they can use where they can identify with the content as being delivered as your brand. This is a fundamental principle of branding with blogs.

Many people think of blogs as great content aggregators where they can go for the latest information on the subject of their choice. Some blogs have an extremely broad range of topics including anything from health for seniors through to baby care through to articles on WarCraft. Other blogs have a very narrow focus and make content all around that narrow focus. As a general rule, the more narrow the focus of your blog, the more highly qualified the visitors you will get to your blog.

Let’s apply some offline concepts to online blogs to see if we can draw some similarities to help you conceptualise blogs and help you understand blogging in more concrete terms.

The Offline WorldThe Online World
Your HouseYour Blog
Your AddressYour domain name
Your DoorYour landing page
Your friend enters your houseYour visitor browses your blog
Your Wallpaper/PaintYour Branding
Chatting to build a relationshipChatting to build a relationship
People’s problemsPeople’s keywords
Presenting a solutionOffering a product to resolve prospect’s problem
People getting a solutionExchange of value considered worth the investment

key question to remember and ask yourself:

How is this like the offline world?

This question can help you visualise something abstract as something more concrete.

Why Making Money Blogging Also Requires Your Own List

Blogging often goes in hand with list building. The list can provide a source of highly qualified prospects that you’ve already formed a relationship with and demonstrated your value and solutions. These are the people that are more likely to be actually interested in what you have to say on the assumption you have done a good job with your relationship building and delivery of valuable content.

The blog is your content warehouse where your list subscribers can visit and benefit from the value you provide and take the offers which fit their needs and purposes at the time the offer is received by them.

In some circles, blogs have picked up a bad name because they’re seen as ugly and storing lots of content that seems to serve no real purpose. There are many blogs out on the Internet nowadays that don’t have a blog feel about them. They’re designed more like traditional websites which many people can identify with better because of the standard way that websites layout their navigation areas.

The biggest blogging platform on the web is WordPress which allows even novice web users to build an online brand and presence and the opportunity to make money online without the need for programming, design, SEO and suchlike technical skills. This is achievable through the vast range of WordPress themes and plugins. The playing field is essentially now level my friends ready for you to take action and stake your claim on the web.

A well optimised blog is an asset that allows you to keep building your online reputation consistently and building traffic from the best traffic source the internet has to offer… search engines.

There are many blogging strategies out there. Some are extremely time consuming and others are very expensive. We can help you boost your traffic and transform your blog into a money magnet.

To Your Blogging Success,

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