Traffic Conversion Strategy

Achieving the optimum results from the traffic you generate.

At the heart of your Internet conversion strategy, when a visitor lands on one of your pages, you should leave them with two basic actions that can be taken.

They can either take the desirable action which we’ll call a “yes action”, or they can take the undesirable action which we’ll call a “no action.”

The name of the Internet conversions game is to get as many “yes outcomes” from a number of “possible outcomes”.

Conversion Strategies: “Yes” Actions

Remembering that internet conversions are when a favourable outcome occurs from a scenario where the prospect could either say “yes” or “no” to the offer. To name just a few “yes” actions:

  • Opt In Rate: The number of prospects opting in to your email communications list
  • Open Rate: The number of prospects opening your emails. This gives you an idea on the level of readership and conversion.
  • Clickthrough Rate: The number of prospects clicking the link in your email. The link will typically take the prospect to an environment where you can either build a firm relationship by providing rock solid content or to a conversion environment where you leave the prospect with another “yes” or “no” decision. This could be a sales page, or a JV partner’s opt in page.
  • Conversion Rate: The number of prospects that decided to buy your offer.
  • Comment Rate: The number of prospects leaving comments on your blog. This gives you an indication of your blog’s stickiness.
  • Viral sharing: The sharing of the content of your blog.

The more “yes” actions you can achieve, the more successful you will become as an Internet Marketer. At the core of your online conversion strategy, you should aim to make the optimum use of the traffic that you have invested your time and money to generate.

So you might be asking now:

OK, so how do I actually get my visitors to take more ‘yes’ actions?

Great question! This is largely going to be about bridging the credibility gap, gaining the trust of your prospects and building the relationship you have with them.

Make sure you’re continuously building a relationship with your prospects and start from the very beginning. Give away lots of free high end valuable content and solve problems that your prospects face without expecting any payment. You need to prove your value up front to earn the trust of your prospect.

Once you’ve demonstrated your value, your customers will naturally want more of your premium services at a premium price. You must demonstrate your value first though otherwise you’re going against the “law of the harvest” – trying to reap the rewards before you sow the seeds.

In creating videos, it’s important to be personable, confident and persuasive in a friendly and interesting way. Don’t be afraid to let people see you on camera. People are often frozen by things which are seemingly small issues to others… anything from not liking their hair. Address your prospects as if you were talking to a great friend by email so the communications are on a one to one basis.

This is one thing I certainly have to challenge myself with because the natural tendency is to address people as a group rather than as an individual. This concept applied can make a huge difference in your conversion rates and forms a valuable part of your conversion strategy.

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