Facebook, Twitter remove accounts they say Chinese government was using to undermine in Hong Kong protests

The social media giant created the announcement on the same day that Facebook proclaimed it had removed seven pages, 3 groups and 5 accounts that it said originated from China and were “involved in coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

“What we’ve detected is both platforms saying variations on the theme that they have found people who are linked to the Chinese government, who’ve got caught running troll campaigns against the Hong Kong protesters, posting content saying that the protesters are cockroaches, that they’re evil individuals, that they’re the darkness standing in the way of the sunshine of the people’s revolution,” Ben Nimmo, a digital investigator with the social media analysis firm Graphika, told ABC News’ “Start Here” podcast.

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How to Get Followers on Instagram Fast and Make Money 2019

It’s pretty simple to use Instagram and get thousands of followers on Instagram fast and make money. This is what most automation software applications claim to do. But, is this traffic going to help your sales? Most probably not. You want targeted followers who are interested in what you have to say. It’s not hard to find these followers either. It might just take 15 more minutes of your day.

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Smriti Irani is the queen of social media.

Smriti Irani is the queen of social media. The BJP minister yet again shared a hilarious video on her Instagram. Her fans are currently calling her the best minister ever.

Smriti Irani is one superwoman who juggles everything with absolute ease. She has been slaying at work for a long time currently and even her social media game is on point.

Some may even go to the extent of calling Smriti Irani a social media queen. Don’t believe us? Take one look at the BJP minister’s Instagram account and we rest our case.

Her Instagram posts are humorous, hilarious, heartwarming and absolutely relatable. Smriti Irani, once again delighted her fans by showing her sense of humor in her recent gram.

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Buy Instagram followers cheap 10k UK

Many business owners who have Instagram profiles wonder whether they should really invest their money on Instagram followers or not. If you want to grow your business along with the latest trends in the world, it’s vital to buy Instagram followers cheap 10k UK.

Most of the people today use social media platforms on a daily basis. If they can access your business through a social media network, it would be convenient for them to get in touch with your products and services. Additionally, you’ll not have to pay a lot of money on the promoting campaigns. Purchasing Instagram followers can give the boost that you need to take your business to the next level. It’ll highlight your business as a well-liked entity and make it visible to the eyes of potential customers and business partners.

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The Internet Marketing Mindset

Conditioning your mind for wealth, success and abundance.

You’ve probably heard these sorts of things said:

Mindset is 80% of the game of success


It’s 80% mindset and 20% strategy.

From these philosophies from the people who’ve made it (ie. those that know!), you would think people on the quest for success would divide their time and attention accordingly to develop their internet marketer mindset, wouldn’t you? After all, it’s an absolute fundamental for internet marketing for beginners and experts alike.

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Traffic Generation

Motivating highly qualified prospects to your conversion environment.

Mastering the art of driving traffic can set you free financially. There are different ways you can drive traffic to your website, blog or landing pages. We show you how you can drive traffic to your websites throughout many tutorials within the site which is essentially like an online traffic school.

First, let’s talk about what traffic is. Quite simply, traffic is people. The more eyeballs you can drive to your pages, the greater the chance of you achieving your desired action from the visitor.

A desired favourable action is referred to as a conversion. Common desired actions are opting in to a list for email marketing communications or to purchase a product. When you drive traffic, you always want to send your prospect to a conversion environment of some sort.

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Traffic Conversion Strategy

Achieving the optimum results from the traffic you generate.

At the heart of your Internet conversion strategy, when a visitor lands on one of your pages, you should leave them with two basic actions that can be taken.

They can either take the desirable action which we’ll call a “yes action”, or they can take the undesirable action which we’ll call a “no action.”

The name of the Internet conversions game is to get as many “yes outcomes” from a number of “possible outcomes”.

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List Building

Build a long term relationship and assist as many qualified people as possible to achieve their desired outcome.

List building is the activity of choice in the Internet Marketing community because a list is just one of two true assets for an Internet Marketer.

The email list is the traffic asset of the business with an asset value which people are willing to pay good money for when buying a business. List Building and the process of communicating and marketing to that email list is undoubtedly the most important activity that you can do in the world of Internet Marketing.

The other asset with a true financial value in an Internet business is a blog. I discuss much more about this in the Blogging section.

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Magnifying your online presence to deliver your powerful content… and make money as a happy consequence.

If you’re still wondering how you can send out your message out to the world and make money out of it in the process, then you’ll be interested in the modern day phenomena called blogging. Sounds like a dream scenario right?

A web log which is more commonly known as a ‘blog’ is a means for an Internet Marketer to communicate their value which usually comes in the form of products and services to their market.

So why should you be building your own blog?

A blog is simply your platform for sharing your content with your prospects and customers. This gives you control of traffic, content distribution, branding and storage.

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Creating Digital Products

Creating and marketing highly valuable offers to powerfully assist your market towards their desired outcome.

Let me ask you a quick question:

Can you name some of the top Internet Marketers? You know, the guys who are making in the millions of dollars every year, and often in just a single product launch!

You’ve probably said someone like Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, John Reese, Armand Morin, Ryan Deiss, Joel Comm, Alex Mandossian or Jeff Johnson.

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